Tabdilee Public Forum Program

Any movement that intends to bring a major change in a society must actively involve the people of that society to bring about that change. Tabdilee Public Forum program is designed to encourage publicís participation in the civic activities by educating, informing and enlightening the people of Pakistan of their rights and obligations as a citizen of Pakistan. This program also provides people an opportunity to express themselves on a public forum.

  • Inform, educate, and enlighten the public
  • Provides opportunity to express oneself
  • Promote tolerance of different views
  • Empower & enable people to be in charge of their destiny

Once a month, a public gathering is arranged by Tabdilee activists in a locality.  Every public gathering has three phases. First, Tabdilee activists and leaders deliver speeches that inform, educate, and enlighten people of their rights and obligations, and other topics of their concern. Second, local people from the gathering are encouraged to come forward and express their views on matters that concern them. Third, Tabdilee activists and local people exchange questions and answers.