The Formula to Change:

The Tabdilee Team realizes that a society is comprised of individuals, just like a building is comprised of bricks. And every individual residing in a society participates in shaping that society. Therefore, in order to solve the problems faced by a society, each individual has to actively play his or her own part. For example, the culture of corruption has enveloped the entire Pakistani society. Hence, in order to change the society, change has to begin within us.

The Tabdilee Team is committed to build and sustain strong personal character of our team members. We emphasize that we must change the way we think and the way we conduct ourselves in day-to-day life.


The major steps to bringing change are briefly described below:  

  1. Leadership & Activists: Recruit, train, groom and produce leaders and activists at all levels, i.e. local, provincial and national. The leaders must be of strong character and have the ability to lead and make sound judgments and decisions. The leaders must have connection with the public so that they understand the needs and problems of the people. They must earn people’s respect and loyalty. They must penetrate deep in the society and have strong roots in their localities.
    The leaders and activists produced by Tabdilee will perform the job of enlightening and mobilizing the masses. 

  2. Inform, Educate & Enlighten Public: People must be educated and informed of their rights and obligations as citizens of Pakistan. They must be encouraged to improve themselves. They must be encouraged to get involve in civic activities. The citizen of Pakistan must involve themselves in politics and the affairs of the government. They must hold the political leaders and government accountable.

  3. Political Power: Fundamental, massive and positive change at every stage of the Pakistani society and government is not possible without political power. Leaders who understand people’s grievances and seriously and sincerely wish to address them must obtain political power.