A project of Tabdilee International Organization (Tabdilee)

  • The primary goal of the “Our Future” Mentorship Program is to assist Muslim youth by providing them with positive role models, guidance and support.
  • Through one-on-one mentoring, monthly group activities and parenting seminars, the program is assisting and supporting Muslim students who are faced with difficult choices in today's often tense school environment.
  • Throughout the year, mentors and mentees make a commitment to one another, developing a unique friendship which allows the mentor to become a guiding force in the student's life. As the relationship progresses, the mentor becomes an integral part of the teenager's life.

All mentors are volunteers, age 19 years old and over, who dedicate their time and efforts to Muslim students by serving as adult friend.

The students are selected from the age group of 13 to 18. Each student is assigned to one mentor for the duration of the mentoring year (October to August).

All new mentors participate in Mentor Training sessions before the start of the mentoring year.

Twice a month, the mentors and the mentees have one-on-one meetings during which they develop a friendship based on trust and respect. The nature of the meetings is decided by the mentor with the consent of the mentee and his or her parents.

Also, all the program members come together once a month to participate in a variety of group activities (designed by the task force members) where they enjoy fun and educational outings such as:
  • Lectures on Islam & other relevant topics
  • Tabdilee Annual Picnic
  • Cleanup of Neighborhood
  • Graffiti Paint Out Day
  • Artistic Day
Every few months, our program mentors and task force members also have social meetings where they spend quality time with one another. It is an opportunity for the volunteers to become more bonded. These events unify people who are committed to serving the community and future of our Muslim youth.

  • Meet with the student twice a month.
  • Keep up weekly Email & phone conversations.
  • Participate in the fun and educational monthly group activities.

  • Keep in contact and meet with the mentors twice a month.
  • Participate in group activities once a month.
  • Strive to improve behavior
  • Strive to improve grades at school.

  • Support the program by making sure the student is available to meet with his or her mentor twice a month.
  • Inform the mentor of any rules or restrictions they have placed on the student.
  • Participate in parent meetings.
  • There is no charge to the parents or the students for participating in this program. All mentors are unpaid volunteers.

  • Once a month, mentors and mentees enjoy our group activities organized by the task force members and designed to expose program members to various experiences that are either educational, active, creative, community services, or Muslim Culture-oriented. Our goal is to introduce these young Muslims to new experiences and alternatives, enabling them to become responsible, self-sufficient, and independent adults.

At the onset of every mentoring year, all mentors are provided with extensive training on mentoring methods and issues, as well as subjects such as child psychology, interpersonal relations, and various other youth issues.

In addition, throughout the year, our program organizes meetings devoted to mentors and the issues they may be facing with their mentees. These meetings give the mentors the opportunity to share their own experiences, success stories, and concerns with their fellow mentors. Mentors also benefit from the presence of invited professionals, such as psychologists and educators, who advise the mentors with the various issues and concerns they present.

Regularly, we hold parent meetings where we discuss certain topics and then open the floor for any comments, concerns, or questions from the parents. These sessions are invaluable as parents realize that they are not alone in their issues with their teenager. Parents often help each other find strategies and solutions to common issues in raising preteens and teenagers. At times, we invite different professionals who offer their expert advice on preteen and teenage issues.


Every few months, our program mentors and task force members enjoy outings where they can freely socialize and spend time with one another. It is an opportunity for the volunteers to spend quality time together and become more bonded. These events unify people who are committed to serving the community and future of our Muslim youth.

Make a difference in the life of a young Muslim - one hour at a time. Tabdilee International Organization (Tabdilee) has been serving the Muslim youth by providing guidance and support with the help of numerous volunteers. We offer you the satisfaction of knowing you are truly making a difference in the lives of deserving young Muslims. We are pleased that there are various means and activities from which to choose when you become a Tabdilee volunteer.

Support Tabdilee International Organization
We rely on donations to fund programs for our youth, including scholarship grants for academic and vocational summer programs. All donations to Tabdilee International Organization, are tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting our youth!

Friends of Tabdilee
The Friends of Tabdilee Our Future Mentorship Program offers students and donors the chance to connect on a personal basis. Sponsors provide the financial support needed for Tabdilee Our Future to continue its program and reach out to evermore students, enhance the existing program and develop new programs that serve our youth.

Corporate Partnership
Your company can make a powerful difference in the lives of promising young Muslim students by becoming a Corporate Partner. Corporate Partners are companies that have made a commitment to support the Tabdilee Our Future in several important ways, including:
  • By providing financial support
  • Sponsoring or underwriting specific Tabdilee program(s)
  • Sponsoring Student & Mentor Team(s)
  • Making an in-kind donation of goods and/or services
  • Sponsoring employee matching gift programs
  • Attending and supporting Tabdilee special events

We always welcome feedback from mentors, mentees, task force members, and anyone visiting our website. We take your comments seriously and use them as an opportunity to grow as an organization. Thank you.