Tabdilee Activist & Leadership Program
Tabdilee realizes that it is essential to produce activists and leaders to bring a fundamental and a genuine change in a society. Activists and leaders have the ability to motivate and encourage ordinary people to take part in civic activities. Activists and leaders also organize and mobilize masses to bring a positive change in a society.   

At the onset of enrolment of a person in this program, all activists are required to take part in a three day workshop designed to educate and inform an activists of basic knowledge of the following subjects: basic Islamic faith and teachings, moral & ethical values, sound character, ideology of Pakistan, constitution of Pakistan, human rights & civil liberties, democracy, leadership skills, etc. In addition, all activists are provided with extensive training on activist methods and issues.

Throughout the year, our program organizes meetings devoted to activists and the issues they may be facing in the field.  These meetings give the activists the opportunity to share their own experiences, success stories, and concerns with their fellow activists. Activists also benefit from the presence of invited professionals, such as experienced social & political workers, community leaders, psychologists and educators, who advise the activists with the various issues and concerns they present.


Every few months, our activists enjoy outings where they can freely socialize and spend time with one another. It is an opportunity for the volunteers to spend quality time together and become more bonded. These events unify people who are committed to serve our beloved country, Pakistan.

Make a difference and make a history by serving our motherland, Pakistan. Tabdilee International Organization (Tabdilee) has been serving Pakistan by producing sincere and committed activists and leaders who are determined to make Pakistan a developed, prosperous and welfare state. We offer you the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly making a difference in the lives of millions of Pakistanis. We are pleased that there are various means and activities from which to choose when you become a Tabdilee volunteer.